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HAT Mission

HAT TEAM -         Helpful  -  Active - Trusted
HAT SERVICES - Helpful –  Accountable – Trustworthy

HAT COMPANY LIMITED (HAT Co;Ltd) acts as an overseas education recruiter :

+ For many countries: United States of America (USA), Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, France, Malaysia, Korea, Japan…

+ For various programs: high schools, vocational courses, diploma, associate degree, bachelor degree, master degree 

HAT operation procedures:
Provide accurate information about overseas schools/ institutions programs ( Counselling days, seminars, advertising, website, emails, telephone).
Attend to enquires from students and provide overseas study counselling about programs and relevant admission criteria.
Assist students with the application process and with verification of supporting documentation ( for Letter of offer, Confirmation of Enrollment).
Assist students to comply with formal requirements in applying for a student visa.
Assist with travel, accommodation and pre-departure arrangements.
Translation into English, French, Japanese, Vietnamese