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PQP a good pathway to Masters' Degrees

Post-graduate Qualifying Program (PQP)to provide a pathway for Vietnamese students to pursue Masters’ degrees at Edith Cowan University (Perth, Australia). What makes PIBT’s PQP a perfect choice for your students?

1.      PIBT’s PQP opens up the door for your students to pursue their Masters studies at Edith Cowan University. ECU is one of the five major universities in the state of Western Australia and offers high quality Masters programs across many disciplines.

2.      ECU’s Masters programs are reasonably priced so your students can focus on their studies and do not have to worry too much about paying tuitions.

3.      Most Masters degrees are two years. That means your students may qualify for a 2-year post graduate work permit upon their graduation.

4.      PIBT’s PQP lasts only 6 months (1 semester) and covers 4 core units, one of which is an discipline unit and treated as an exemption at ECU. It means that your students only have to pay for 3 units to do PIBT’s PQP.

5.      Perth is one of the most livable cities in Australia with reasonable cost of living and high quality of life. 

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