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Why choose foundation studies at Central Queensland University (CQU)?

What is Foundation Studies? It is a pathway program for international students seeking entry into Business or IT undergraduate degrees. The program aims to provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills required to successfully cope with the demands of undergraduate study. Students explore a range of core discipline concepts and develop useful academic communication and university study skills.

How will the program be relevant to my future studies? The program offers a range of courses designed to provide you with discipline specific knowledge and practical study and communication skills. Your understanding and practice of those concepts and skills will prepare you for the demands of your studies in the business and IT fields. You will be able to apply discipline-specific knowledge as well as skills such as critical thinking, academic communication, problem solving and team work to new learning scenarios. 

How long does it take to complete it? The program is 2 terms in duration. Each term includes 12 weeks of classes, 1 mid-term break week and 1 week of exams. Between terms you will between 3and 5 weeks of holidays, depending on the term.

What’s the total program fee? The total tuition cost for the program is $16, 560.

What are the entry requirements? To be eligible for admission, you must be a student on an international student visa, and meet the following minimum age, academic and English language requirements:

Age:At least 17 years of age at commencement of the program

Academic:completed Year 11 (or equivalent *) with above average grades or Year 12 (or equivalent*).

English language:An overall IELTS score of at least 5.5 (or equivalent) with no band less than 5.0. * as stated in the CQUniversity academic entry requirements by country for the Foundation Studies Program.

How many courses does the program include? And how many courses will I have to complete each term? The program includes 10 courses, 5 in each term.

How many hours will I be expected to commit to my studies? Each week, you will be expected to attend 4 hours of class time per course. This means that you will attend a total of 20 hours of class time per week. In addition to attending classes, you are expected to undertake at least 20 hours of independent study each week. Independent study time can be used to prepare for your classes, study, do research, review what you learnt or work on your assessments.

What kind of activities will there be? Will they be individual or group tasks? Class activities will encourage you to engage and collaborate with your classmates. They will involve enquiry or project based learning, pair work and group work, reading and note-making, discussion, problem solving, information retrieval and analysis, listening and note-taking, role-playing, oral presentations, and writing.  You will also be required to undertake independent study to prepare for orsupplement in-class learning, which will include participation in an online management learning system called Moodle. Only the mathematics courses include a final exam, all other courses are assessment-based. Assessments are completed either in class or outside class hours.

What grade/mark do I need to complete the program successfully? To successfully complete the program you must complete all courses by achieving a minimum Pass grade in each course, and comply with minimum attendance requirements determined by your visa.

Will I be eligible to enrol in undergraduate programs at CQUniversity when I graduate from Foundation Studies? If so, which ones? If you complete the program successfully, you will qualify to enrol in the following undergraduate programs:

Undergraduate Business and Accounting Programs

Bachelor of Accounting

Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Business (Specialisation)

Bachelor of Financial Planning

Bachelor of Financial Planning/Bachelor of Accounting

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Diploma of Business Administration.

Undergraduate Information Technology and Digital Media Programs

Associate Degree of Information Technology

Bachelor of Aviation (Technology)

Bachelor of Digital Media

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology (Co-op)

Diploma of Aviation Theory

Diploma of Information Technology


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