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Why Choose HAT

HAT Team: Helpful - Active – Trusted
-    HAT ensures seeking potential students for schools. They are well supported and able to obtain accurate information about school and its subsidiary services.
-   HAT aims to quality of its supportive network as a qualified recruiter on behalf of the institution; to build agent capacity in supporting students with applying for schools; to build capacity in educational representatives as marketing and promotional collaborators; and to increase the number, effectiveness and quality of agents working on behalf of schools.
-   HAT ’s main priority is to have prospective students’ interests represented as effectively as possible through its global network of educational agents. HAT strives to ensure each staff is as well informed about schools as practicably possible.
-  HAT does this through conducting schools training programs both in-country and annually due to Agent familiarization Tour with schools.
-  HAT also provides regular updates on school activity including course amendments and additions, and running interview sessions / public seminars in conjunction with school partners.
-  HAT is a stamp of quality through a series of quality services for education purposes on behalf of the school partners 
HAT services: Helpful-Accountable–Trustworthy
-  Provide accurate information about qualifications of various schools/ institutions
-  Attend to enquires from students and provide overseas study counselling about programs and relevant admission criteria.
-  Assist students with the application process and with verification of supporting documentation
-  Assist students to comply with formal requirements in applying for a student/ or study permit  visa
-  Assist with travel, accommodation and pre-departure arrangements
-  Translation into English, French, Japanese, ...
HAT: Professional Education Agency  
-  Provide accountable and trustworthy overseas study counselling for education of Australia, United States of America (USA), Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom (UK), France, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan,..
-  Provide accurate information on qualifications of overseas schools/ institutions and potential jobs after graduation.
-  Provide various overseas academic courses and relevant admission criteria for high school programs, vocational courses –pathway to a degree, undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
-   Organize summer study tours to Singapore, US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia.
·   Assist students to choose a qualified foreign language center prior to enter academic programs.
·   Assist students to choose available courses to their learning capacity
·   Provide necessary knowledge in culture, geography, weather, study environment prior to departure
·   Arrange Homestay/ apartment with safe and acceptable cost for accommodation  
·   Assist students with airfare and helpful airport pick up service
·   Follow up students and keep in touch with them and their school, their parents, relatives before/within their overseas study duration
·   Assist students and their parents with safe banking services